HUGE congratulations to Denise Baker and Sage on their QQQ at the recent NADAC trial! Sweetest BC EVER!! Way to go!


Congratulations to Stuart Tucker with Morgan for earning their NA and for qualifying for the Most Versatile Corgi Award!

Also for Stuart Tucker and Seren who earned their OAJ on the SAME DAY!

First AKC trial for Remi & Betsy!

MACH Belli and Carol

MACH Zeke, MACH5 Razz and MACH4 Ace

MACH4 Ace and Stacey

Carol and Splash at the 2012 Collie Nationals

Carolyn and Keegan AAD

Stacey and MACH3 Ace

Pat and Summit are the #2 Lab in Rally Obedience for 2010 and the #10 Sporting Dog!

Susan and Titus finish 2011 as the #1 Bedlington Terrier!!!!

Renegade NAJ

Rheno OA

Romeo OA

Rhinestone NAJ

Roxie OAP

Ripley OAP

Susan and MACH3 Titus

Judy Jo and Zap – AX 5/29/11

Stacey and Ace – MACH2 5/28/11

Diane and Scooter

Pam and Kobe

Sarah and Vega

Carolyn and Keegan – AD 10/2/10

Susan and Axel – OA

Stacey and Ace ADCH, Betty and Zest P-ADCH 9/11/10

Sheryl and Emma AXJ 7/24/10

Ace and Stacey – MACh 05/31/10

Zap and JudyJo – Open Standard 06/05/10

Zap and JudyJo – Open Fast 05/09/10

AX Abby and Sheryl 05/10/10

NATCH Indy and Leah!!!!! 10/11/09

Open Standard & Open Jumpers – Doug and Boodles

Open Standard – Diane and Scooter 9/20/09
Scooter OA

Novice Standard & Novice Jumpers – Roma and Pebbles 9/20/09
Pebbles NA NAJ

Novice Standard – Sheryl and Abby (with Betty and JudyJo’s expert help!) 9/20/09

Novice Fast – JudyJo and Zap 9/19/09

Performance Speed Jumping Winner! – Carolyn and Konigan 9/12/09

Open Jumpers – JudyJo and Teagan 7/18/09

Novice Jumpers – JudyJo and Zap 7/18/09

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