The following are actual letters of feedback from our clients. Read what others are saying about Collinswood K-9 Services:

June, 2015

Rocky is very well – a little tired (he clearly did a lot of playing and running around at Collinswood).
Looks like he had a great time. Thank you–L & J G.

I have a 4.5 month old Black Lab puppy. We have just finished your Puppy Kindergarten class! We loved it so much, saw so much improvement, and LOVED Rebecca that we would love to sign up for you Beginner Obedience class beginning this Thursday!  Thank you!- H.C.

Woof Woof Happy! – D.R.

Tully is settling in at home nicely.  He is tired, from playing with all his new friends, so he has been sleeping most of the day. From all accounts, he seems that he was well cared for during his time away at “puppy camp”. Thank you for your services, and he looks forward to returning later this summer! – M.G.

May, 2015

Thank you for taking care of Lili while I took a couple of days off…it is comforting to know that I can depend on you as I did in the past with Morgan and Bella
Please keep me in mind as we had discussed about the day care for a couple days a week
Thank you again, J.S.

Lili S

Ginger is home fine. We were very excited to see her. Your staff went over everything she did while we were away. We could tell that she had a great time as usual. Thanks for taking care of ginger and reaching out. B.B.


April, 2015

I would like to Thank all the staff at Collinswood for the great care you always give Billy.  I know I don’t have to worry at all when I leave him for his vacation time while I am on mine.
Thank You, D.G.

Toby had a great full week of day care and two overnights at Collinswood! I know he was well taken care of and greeted me happy and beautifully groomed. We’ll be back to our regular day care schedule tomorrow. Toby wouldn’t miss a week. A.G.


March, 2015
We believe in you.
You have always been wonderful caring for our 3 boys. The little extras have been appreciated too like: a sympathy card with Nemo’s pic when he passed. We miss him so much…and the boys smell so sweet after their grooms decked out in bows or bandanas.
Communication is key . You have always been very responsive to us when we had questions, calls were returned and updates given while we were away on vacation.
Collinswood is our boys 2nd home. They get excited when they hear..”Lets go to Terri’s and play”
We will continue to bring our boys to you for daycare, boarding and grooming.
Kind regards, S & S H.
Just dropped Tillie off this morning, for her long weekend stay at Collinswood. As usual, when I took the exit off of the Pike, Tillie became especially alert and I know that she was getting excited. When we pulled in the driveway, she could not wait to get out of the car. And when I was greeted and assured that everyone knew about the 2 seizures Tillie had last week, and that she is on medication to control/prevent them… I was SO grateful and relieved. I know that she loves her time at Collinswood, which makes it easy for me to leave her when I need to! And feeling confident that she will be cared for “like one of our own” is just THE BEST. Thank you, all!
Warmly, J.S.
Thank you for taking care of Dexter- he’s been sleeping since he got home! He’s very happy to be home but we know he was well taken care of! J.R.
Rosie enjoyed her stay with you. She especially Loved playing her friends.
Thanks, Rosie’s mom
 Our boy is great…and just as predicted, quite worn out. Very happy to be home, of course…and so are we. Thank you for taking such good care of him…and for sending him home looking so spiffy!   S.D & D.D
Boomer is adjusting nicely back at home!  Thank you so much for taking such good care of him. L.L.
Just sending a quick follow-up per your thank you email. Scout slept all the way home and then all day long – getting up to eat, of course!  His hips/back legs are giving him trouble. As you suggested, I called his vet and he put him on tramadone in addition to the carprofen. Hopefully, he bounces back with some rest.
Thanks for all you did for him during his stay – troubleshooting all of his sleeping, eating and bathroom issues! Very much appreciated. As were the email updates on his well being.
My best, K.D.

Just a quick note to thank you again for the wonderful care you provided to Cassie and Grady.  We are always impressed with your friendly staff, clean runs and thoughtfulness.  We have never before found a kennel that we so completely trust and appreciate all that you offer.  While they are always glad to get back into their own house, I think that they also enjoy their time at “camp”.  Thanks again, and we look forward to visiting again in the next few weeks.  S.L. Director of Athletics, FSU


Queenie is doing fine since she returned home.  She took a long nap yesterday but is back to her puppy self.  She also has her “cousin, Nikki” home with her now so it is as though she never left Collinswood.  She has someone to play with.  I know she has fun there because she comes home tired. – P.J.

Abbie and Gretta are doing fine since returning home from their “vacation” at Collinswood K-9. We had a very busy wedding
week-end and I was glad I found Collinswood K-9 for a place to board my dogs.  They both seemed to be happy and
content on their return home….which gave me the peace of mind that I found the right place for them!
I would love to have the picture sent to me of Gretta, that you showed me (if you wouldn’t mind), it looked like a great action shot of her! Thanks again, -Abbie, Gretta and C.K.

 Thank you again for taking such great care of Sandy. The pictures are adorable! Sandy is outside playing with the girls in the snow right now. She was super excited to greet everyone when she came home. Joe and I would like to have Sandy meet up with Henri occasionally at Collinswood. She has so much fun playing with him. Hopefully they will see each other at the end of the month for Sandy’s next visit as well.- J, T, P, J, and Sandy O.


Cody is doing quite well since his return from boarding.  He was so tired, he went to bed by himself at 7pm (something he never does).  Thank you so much for being so accommodating about my travel difficulties, it takes some of the stress off of a cancelled flight to know that at least my Cody is being well taken care of.- L. N.

It seems Shill had a good visit.  I didn’t sense any anxiety in him when we picked him up or when we got home.  Whoever groomed him did a beautiful job!!!!

We are planning to go away in November, so I will be calling soon to schedule that “visit”  Thanks for taking such good care of our Boy!!- The B. Family

All is fine with Nemo and Shane. They are tired…guess they had too much fun! Thanks for using the oatmeal for their grooming. We are watching Shane’s rash closely and hope the new food helps too. See you at the end of the month! S&S H.

Thanks for taking such good care of Breezy. We never worry when we have to leave him. We know he is getting good care and he is having fun. Thanks again- C, T, Abbey and Breezy


The boys  are home and exhausted..per usual J after their visit to Collinswood. Thanks again for taking such good care of them! -S.H.

Brontë went to upstate NY, her favorite place in the country,  after
her visit with you.  She was remarkably calm and at ease.  Her holiday
with you seems to have served her well.  She is similarly mellow now
that we are back at home in Lincoln MA.
We look forward to being able to bring her to you again. Thank you for caring for her for us.-P. and S. M.

Rocky looks and seems great: energetic, lean, and  beautifully groomed. He was glad to see us (in his low-key way) but, given how sociable he is, I am certain he will be happy to return to Collinswood in the future. Thank you-E. G. and J. G.

It is very reassuring to have you available to care for our girl when we
can’t.  … and you care for her  so well.
She came home to us a beautifully groomed show quality Aussie,…. and
now how do I keep that level of grooming?  I’m trying… you gave us a
wonderful base line.
And, she came home mellow and still happy to see us all. Thank you.-P.M.


Sadie is doing fine back at home – she’s happy to be back on the couch!!! Thank you again for taking good care of our Sadie while we were away. -J.B.

Thanks so much! Foxy is happy to be home with her “children” and I am happy that she is de-haired! -K.C.

Dennehy is doing great! Happy to be home with his family. Thanks for taking such good care of our furry friend! – M.M.

You have the hugest heart. Scout is lucky to have you there at Collinswood. 🙂 He is shedding like a mad man but seems happy to be home – when he’s not sound asleep! -K.D.

Hello All! Marcy is happy we’re home but I think she missed her cats more than us! Thanks again for being there for us when we need you! – M.E.

Ruby is doing well and I think she actually misses you guys (dogs and people). We are lucky that she has such a wonderful place to stay when we are away! – S.F.

Good morning,
Dexter had a great time last week! We have come to you for several years now and are genuinely comfortable leaving our Dexter in your care.
Thank you for your professionalism and canine attentiveness! – J.&P. R.


Tank enjoyed his stay very much and is now happy to be home!! Thank you
for taking such good care of him, He loves it there! -The B. Family

I have to tell you it was a huge relief getting them back and not having them covered in feces or having parts of their fur missing (both happened at different kennels).
Thank you. -J.B.

It is very reassuring to have you available to care for our girl when we
can’t. … and you care for her so well.
She came home to us a beautifully groomed show quality Aussie,…. and
now how do I keep that level of grooming? I’m trying… you gave us a
wonderful base line.
And, she came home mellow and still happy to see us all.
Thank you. – P.M.

Lily M

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our “little” pup.  He must have had some great playtime because he was an exhausted boy.. We hope he was well behaved.  Thank you again.  Until our next trip out of town.  Take care and thank you again.  -L & P M.

Sorry that this has taken so long!  We’ve always been pleased with the care that members of our family have gotten at Collinswood.  Individual attention is important to us, and our dogs have never displayed any anxiety after their stay at “camp.”  Thank you so much! – the T. family
He’s happy and did great ! Thanks for taking
Such good care of Brady! We always trust that he will
have wonderful care at Collinwoods. Sincerely, – J.F.
Henri had a good time, as usual. He is catching up on his sleep. He did tell us some rather alarming news. He said you don’t furnish any sofas or Queen size beds for lounging and sleeping on. Of course we know he is probably only exaggerating. Thanks again,- M & D

You guys are the best! She really enjoys coming there and her nails look great! Thank you again for taking great care of her! – H. N.
Loving the email follow-up on Tillie’s visit!
She is busy inspecting the yard, but is feeling supremely
fashionable with her pretty bandana, a memento from her grooming!
As ever, it is a pleasure to leave her in good, loving hands when we
need to go away without her.  We picked her up this afternoon after a long weekend at Collinswood K-9.  She looks beautiful, and is clearly feeling lovely with her groomed coat, trimmed nails and cleaned teeth.
We always feel happy dropping Tillie for her “visits” at Collinswood, because she seems excited to arrive and we are confident that she is getting lots of exercise (which is a challenge with an Aussie), love and attention while she’s with you.  We also appreciate that you know and celebrate the “way” of the Aussie girl, which not everyone does!
Until next time… -M.S.
Our girl is doing great , and she smells good too. Thanks, – the S. family

Beatrice was happy and clean when I picked her up.  She was happy to be home but she reluctantly left her play friends . -K.B.


Thanks for the pictures of Buddy. As always he is fine after coming home except that he is exhausted. But that just means he had fun.
Thanks again, -L.D.


As always we are very glad to see Lorna Doone back safe and sound. We feel that she always gets good care and benefits from her stay with you. We have the greatest confidence in placing her with you when she is left in your care. We know she receives good care and attention and we hope to continue our mutual beneficial relationship. Thank you. – E.K.
Thank you so much for taking such great care of  Zoey !! She came home happy and tired from playing with all her friends!! It is nice to know she is so well taken care of while we were Away. Thank you again for squeezing her in on such short notice. She is already looking forward to her next visit in July! Sincerely- J.R.