Collinswood Aussies

MACH5 ADCH ATCH AKC/ASCA CH Agile Collinswood Razzmatazz CD MXG2 MJS2 MXF DNA-CP ROMX, “Razz” Waiting at the Bridge, no doubt patiently!

BISS MBIS ASCA/AKC Ch Vinelake Collinswood Yablon OA OAJ NAP NJP GS-N ROMP-1, “Deuce”

ASCA/AKC Ch Vinelake Collinswood Oz OA AXJ, “Wizard”

GCH CH MACH Collinswood Worth Talkin About MXB MJS OF “Zeke”

GCHS CH Collinswood One in a Million AX AXJ OF “Una”

MACH CH Collinswood Blue Deuce  “Dodge”

GCHP CH Collinswood Sparks Fly DS “Ember”

CH Oakhurst Arborview Black Pearl of Collinswood NA AXJ NF “Savvy”

GCHS CH Collinswood Cayenne Pepper of ArborOaks “Kai”

CH Collinswood Crimson Keeva AX AXJ OF “Keeva”

Collinswood Tuxx with Tale NA NAJ NF “Tuxx”

Collinswood Hold on Tight “Tig”

WoodWin All Psyched Up “Burton Guster”

WoodWin Mystique of the Phoenix “Phoenix”

WoodWin Give the Lady a Drink “Stella”

Kazanova on the Battlefield with Collinswood “Kaz”